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To get you website to rank on search engines you first need it to get indexed. Search engines send out search engine robots or spiders to crawl the web for new content. These spiders crawl various indexing sites where different web domains are found any new links are crawled in search of new content to enrich their search engine library. Once these search engine spiders find new content in various domains and indexing sites they download links to the new sites in their servers for crawling at a later date. A special program in their servers called an indexer indexes these links according to relevance.

When a user types in search terms in the search engines’ search bar the indexer pulls up all relevant WebPages that had been previously indexed, search engine robots crawl these sites looking for the most relevant content and then generate search results. This, therefore, means unless a webpage is indexed by the search engines it will continue to be overlooked during the production of search results.

The Google, Yahoo and Bing indexing package promises to have your website/page indexed in the shortest time possible. The package involves making a submission and ping of your website/page URL to 31000 web indexing sites. To ping a website/page involves announcing to indexing websites that your website/page has new content that needs to be indexed. Search engine robots will see this link and follow it so as to index your new content.

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Google, Yahoo and Bing Indexing

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Google, Yahoo and Bing Indexing


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